We’ve collected our patients’ questions, and present the answers.

Q: I live in a city where there are a lot of cars and I work in an office what Omesam D3 should I use?

A: For people working all day indoors, e.g. office work from large cities, where UVB rays are not as effective for the production of vitamin D3 through our skin, we recommend OMESAM D3 with the highest dose of Vitamin D3 5000 IU.

Q: I don’t know if I should use OMESAM AND OMEGA 3 during pregnancy?

A: Omega 3 in OMESAM not only helps you during pregnancy and after childbirth, but also supports the proper development of the child’s brain and vision. If you choose OMESAM D3 with an additional dose of vitamin D3 2000 IU, you will positively influence the development of the child’s skeletal and immune system and protect yourself.

Q: I have diabetes and high cholesterol and I use metformin, can I use OMESAM together?

A: Yes, research indicates the positive effects of using Omega 3, e.g. Omesam in diabetes associated with lowering “bad” cholesterol. There are no contraindications for use with diabetes medications like metformin.

Always consult your doctor. Our advice is non-binding, does not constitute medical recommendations and is based on the action of the ingredients of OMESAM and medical publications concerning OMEGA-3 and other OMESAM ingredients.