OMESAM products line contain high-quality concentrated cold-water marine fish oil with balanced Omega-3 EPA/DHA acids for healthy heart & brain and supporting optimal body functions in different forms.

Available also with Vitamin D3 in OMESAM D3 with 3 doses of Vitamin D31000 IU, 2000 IU and 5000 IU, OMESAM CARDIO with additional Coenzyme Q10 and Astaxanthin. In several pleasant forms: convenient to swallow soft capsules (OMESAM 1000), chewable capsules with a pleasant taste (OMESAM JUNIOR), in super tasty jellies (OMESAM JELLY) and raspberry syrup (OMESAM Syrup).


Doctors and pharmacists are happy to recommend Omesam because they have full confidence in it.

Because it contains a concentrated, natural source of standarized Omega-3 acids. Because they can trust European quality, the manufacturer and sales chains from production to the pharmacy. Because it occurs in interesting forms willingly used by patients. Because it is affordable. But that’s not all “because”.


The amazing power of Omega 3 from natural sources supports the body’s balance. Supports a healthy heart and clear mind.

But that’s not everything, Omega3 in OMESAM products has a positive effect on eyesight, proper child development, increase immunity and many others.


Easy to swallow soft capsules, produced in the European Union, only from the highest quality sources & materials.

  • oil from cold water marine fish
  • standardization for EPA and DHA
  • soft gelatin capsule made of safe ingredients
  • oxidation protection blister

Other pleasant OMESAM forms: chewable capsules with a pleasant taste, super tasty jellies and raspberry syrup.